Riverside Primary School - Truth, Pride & Friendship

"Develop a passion for learning. If you do, you will never cease to grow" Anthony J. D'Angelo


Fri March 24, 2023


The school is situated in the City of Mandurah which is one of the fastest growing regions in Australia. Our school caters for students from Kindergarten through to Year 6.  In 2013 the school  became an Independent Public School. This enables us to set our own future directions to better meet our school community needs. The school has developed a Business Plan which outlines our directions for the next three years.

The school’s motto “Truth, Pride & Friendship” reflects the culture we have established.  The school works closely with the Parents and Citizens Association, which we invite you to participate in. The efforts of the P&C have resulted in providing the school with up to date play equipment.

Vision Statement “Riverside Primary School is a collaborative and inclusive community that nurtures and inspires personal growth.  Where all children can reach their full potential and contribute to the community.  At Riverside we provide a supportive learning environment that fosters creative, mutually respectful and responsible independent thinkers, who can determine their own futures.


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