Phys Ed

    This program covers the explicit teaching of gross motor skills. All children have the opportunity to experience a range of sports and games. The Faction Athletics Carnival is a highlight along with Interschool events, such as Interschool Athletics Carnival and Lightning Carnival just to name a few. Interschool competition features strongly in this program with the school being a member of the Peel School Sports Association.


    All students in Years 4-6 have the opportunity to participate in an on-line comprehension program for home reading.  After completing an on-line comprehension test, students are allocated a Lexile score that  matches a huge variety of reading books which are borrowed through the school library.  The book is read during Silent Reading in class and can also be taken home. When they have finished reading, students log onto the Lexile Website and complete an on-line multiple choice  comprehension quiz. To pass the quiz and receive Lexile points they must score 7/10 or higher.  Students collect their points and receive certificates when they reach 20 points.

    When students reach 120 points over the whole year they receive a very special Lexile badge and certificate.  The overall highest point achievers for each year level are acknowledged at the end of year assembly with a trophy and a book voucher.

    Our home reading program for Years 4 – 6 has been updated and is now called

    ‘Scholastic Literacy Pro’.

    We now have a special login just for our school.  Click on the Learning Zone Logo below
    Lexile Learning Zone Logo

    If students want to complete a  quiz or check out their progress at home, just click on the ‘Scholastic Learning Zone’ button, log in and away you go!

    Please see your classroom teacher or Mrs Dobbs if you have any questions or problems logging on.

    Here are some of our favourite things about the Lexile Program at Riverside.

    “I like reading, doing lots of quizzes and getting lots of points.” Year 5
    “I like quizzing on the computer after reading.” Year 6
    “It’s fun because you get to read lots of books.” – Year 4
    “My favourite thing is reading in bed and the books are awesome.” Year 5

    More Lexile Information

    RIB – IT

    READ  IN  BED  – IT’S TERRIFIC (RIB-IT)  was formed to encourage our students in Pre-Primary to Year 3 to read at home.  The number of nights of oral reading is counted to develop the practice of regular and consistent reading. Students are rewarded with incentives when they have read a set number of nights.

    The photographs of readers who reach the milestones in this program adorn the pinup board outside the Library.  Kindergarten and Pre-Primary students eagerly anticipate their weekly book borrowing and storytelling sessions in the Library.



    All children participate in the school’s music program which focuses on teaching skills in singing and instrumental music. The program is a focus for school performances in themes built around culture and the arts. The school choir perform each year at the Mandurah Performing Arts Centre (MPAC) for the West Australian Government Schools Concert.  A performance later in the year is arranged to thank local volunteers for the City of Mandurah.


    Riverside Primary School’s Library Resource Centre is one of the most well resourced primary school libraries in Western Australia with a collection of 24 765 items which includes books, CDs, DVDs, charts, kits, audio visual equipment and realia.

    The Library is open for student borrowing each day before and after school as well as during students’ Library class times.  Book borrowing is also popular for Year 4-6 students for the half hour after lunch each day when those students may exchange their Lexile books.  The period after lunch is the busiest time of the day in the Library with over one hundred students exchanging their books during this session.

    In order to borrow a book, students need a cloth library bag with a plastic bag inside. Cloth bags may be purchased through the school Library. Students in Kindergarten – Year 3 are allowed to borrow one book.  Students in Year 4-6 who are on target with their Lexile reading may borrow two books.

    The Library is also open during lunchtime on Tuesdays and Thursdays for students to play computer or board games.  The Year 6 Library prefects perform a wonderful job of assisting younger students with games.

    Come and visit us soon to see what a wonderful place our Library is!