Welcome to our School

Welcome to Riverside Primary School where every student experiences a quality education within an inviting, secure and safe environment. Our commitment to local children is that they will leave with the knowledge and skills required to rise to today’s challenges and thrive in tomorrow’s opportunities. We know that children need to be supported and challenged to reach their learning potential and that their future success depends on a solid foundation in literacy and numeracy and a passion for lifelong learning.

To ensure students thrive and learn at Riverside, our approach and strategies are responsive, and we prioritise wellbeing and engagement alongside achievement, partnering with families, communities and agencies to support attendance, strong mental health and wellbeing. At the heart of our work is a focus on providing a range of differentiated and specialist supports for students. We work collaboratively to provide timely intervention and enrichment, expecting high levels of participation in learning.

Our school community is respectful, inclusive, safe and engaged, empowering children to RISE up at Riverside! We welcome and encourage you to make contact and organise a tour of our school and meet our students, staff and community.