On the 15 September 1949 the land now known as Riverside Gardens was purchased. The land consisting of 141 acres priced at 3-5-0- per acre.

    It was virgin block being timbered by Red Gum, Jarrah, Tuart and Sheoak. The ground cover was Buttercup scrub and Zamia Palms. The main flowers were Kangaroo Paws and a variety of orchids. Between 1950 and 1956 the land was cleared and pastured to run cattle and sheep.

    In 1956 negotiations were commenced to subdivide the land into building blocks. The first blocks were sold in 1957, the last 1972. The original roads were made of compacted limestone with gravel surface, later roads were bitumized. There was no power or scheme water. People had their own bores or rain water tanks. The power consisted of 32 volt lighting plants or kero lights.

    As a point of interest, when I arrived in 1950 with my family, the total population of Mandurah was around six hundred. The only education service was on Primary School.

    Now that a school is established in the area, my family and I would like to be part of it by presenting a shield to the school on which the name of the Dux of the School can be printed, also to present a book, chosen by the Principal, to keep as a momento of their final Year.

    R.G. Fowler
    14 March 1995