Class Placement Policy

    Children are placed in classrooms according to varying factors.

    A policy for this purpose has been approved by the School Board

    Class Placement Policy

    Dress Code Policy

    The school decision making group of Riverside Schools has established a dress code for all students attending the schools and encourages all students to follow our set code.

    The school decision-making group believes a school dress code:

    •  fosters and enhances the public image of the school
    •  assists in building school and team spirit
    •  ensures students are safely dressed for specific school activities
    •  encourages equity among students
    •  prepares students for work, as many work places have dress and safety codes.
    Dress Code Policy

    Mobile Phone Policy

    There are an increasing number of parents/guardians who for safety, security and/or emergency purposes wish to provide their children with mobile phones. This policy details the conditions under which mobile phones are permitted at the school.

    1. Students will only be permitted to bring a mobile phone onto the school premises for safety, security or emergency purposes and with the permission of their parents/guardians.
    2. Parents/Guardians who require their child to carry a mobile phone on school premises must complete an Application for Student Use of a Mobile Phone.
    3. Parents/Guardians agree to abide by the Conditions of Use set down in the policy.

    Please download the agreement and complete the Application For Student Use of a Mobile Phone and return to the classroom teacher if your child requires to bring a mobile phone to school.

    Mobile Phone Agreement

    Internet Use – Student Policy

    To support the learning program students have access to the internet. This policy describes the expectation of responsible use.  Each student must sign the agreement contained within the policy.

    Download Internet Use Policy

    Healthy Eating and Physical Activity Policy

    Riverside Primary School welcomes opportunities to form partnerships with parents/carers; community groups, health service professionals and agencies to achieve the aims outlined in our Healthy Eating and Physical Activity Policy.

    Download Healthy Eating and Physical Activity Policy Take Away Food Policy

    Behaviour Management Policy

    Riverside Primary School aims to:

    • provide a clearly defined code of behaviour for the school community, where the rights and responsibilities of all are recognised and respected.
    • recognise those members of the school community whose exemplary behaviour promotes a positive and caring school environment.
    • instil good citizenship qualities and promote a positive school image to the wider community.
    • recognise the need for special programs for some students and where necessary provide information to access support agencies outside the school.
    • establish a clear set of consequences for students who do not accept their responsibilities and break rules.
    Download Behaviour Management Policy

    Bullying Prevention Policy

    This school believes that the working environment for students and staff should be safe and free from violence, harassment and bullying of any kind.

    Our safe working environment is outlined in our statements of an individual’s rights.  Bullying, violence and harassment are not tolerated because they infringe our fundamental rights to safety and fair treatment.  Bullying refers to a wilful conscious desire to hurt, threaten or frighten.  It can be physical or verbal in nature and is ongoing.  It gives power through another’s pain, fear and humiliation.

    This school will not tolerate such behaviour and has developed the following action plan.

    Preventing & Managing Bullying

Behaviour Management Policy 2019