Principal’s Message

    Principal’s Message


    I extend a warm welcome to Riverside Primary School and I hope that you take the opportunity to not only engage with our website and digital presentation, but to also make a more personal and individualised contact with myself and/or Riverside Primary School staff.

    Riverside Primary School lives it’s motto of truth, pride and friendship. We are committed to providing our students, community and staff with every opportunity to engage in learning for life and a passion for being their very best.

    Riverside is committed to the Department of Education’s Focus 2021 priorities;

    • Provide every student with a pathway to a successful future
    • Strengthen support for teaching and learning excellence in every classroom
    • Build the capability of our principals, our teachers and our allied professionals
    • Support increased school autonomy within a unified public school system
    • Partner with families, communities and agencies to support the engagement of every student
    • Use evidence to drive decision-making at all levels of the system

    At Riverside Primary we recognize that education is an individualised journey of the mind, body and character. Recognition of each child and championing their personal successes helps us build strong community connection and positive relationships.

    I urge all our parents and community to take every opportunity to engage with our school. Parents can choose to be active in; sport, library, canteen, P & C, on our School Board and, most importantly within your child’s classroom. This engagement builds the relational connection with teachers, classes and school that benefits your child’s learning, growth and development.

    At Riverside Primary School we believe that student success is built around the three sides of our triangle – that is the strong, respectful, confident and committed arms of;

    • The student
    • The teacher and
    • The parents and family

    Each arm of our triangle is dependent upon the others and, as a central focus we maintain student success is the most important goal for all school endeavours.

    Thank you for looking through our school site. I urge you to make contact and organise a tour of our beautiful school and meet our fabulous students, staff and community.

    Cherie Dobbs